Wear colours!

We like Alpha M at Socks by William, he does not bite his tongue much and he expresses things with energy! We can agree or not with all of what he says but definitely his is anything but annoying!

One of his recent videos confirms it, for a man wearing colorful and funky socks is the way to go!  An easy and afordable way to stand out is to add a bit of punch in our daily, add a little wow!  What can be better to counter a fogy day?

Well, he expresses some reluctance at funerals or at interviews for a job. Okay, okay. The beauty here is that these life events are not things of everyday life! So let's go gentlemen!

In addition, in December use the discount code WILLIAM-7-POUR-6 and get 7 pairs (which you choose yourself each month) for the price of 6 on a 6 month subscription and save 40% (on the regular price by the unit).

So join the movement of men who have style with creative socks, remarkable and distinctive Socks by William.

Free shipping, satisfaction guaranteed.


Sylvain St-Germain
Sylvain St-Germain