More than for rebellious people ... top 3 reasons why wearing crazy socks ...

It's well known, crazy socks are for rebellious people but not only! According to our customers, here are some stories that often come up:

1) They brightened my entourage.

All dads are saying it!  Their children are happy to see their father stand out with flamboyant socks.  While our little ones are generally not cold at eye-catching clothing, adults tend to be more conservative. Crazy socks create joy!

2) Women have a thirst for difference

Women have several ways to stand out via their clothes or their jewelry. Men have less means for that.  Stil, women want to be surprised by their men! It's normal, they put so much effort to please! So, GO at it gentlemen, be audacious and offer this little wow to the one who admires you!

3) You will attract more attention from women

"Send me new socks it's urgent!". Without going into details men who wear creative socks, use them to charm.  We'll let you imagine the sequel!

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Sylvain St-Germain
Sylvain St-Germain